• CSB-800型雙通道彩印背心袋熱切機
  • 更新時間:2016-09-12
  • 產品簡介  // INTRODUCTION

    This is the bag making machine which can hot seal and cut plastic film such as HDPE and LDPE , etc.. The machine is controlled by micro-computer and Feeding by double Servo Motors , double Photocells which can track the color logo and position precisely.
    Two bag making lines can make different pattern and different length of color-printed bag at the same time and constantly seal bottom and cut into T-shirt bag , Vest-like bag , garbage bag , trash bag , etc..The machine can stop at high order position . It is easy to handle and the yield rate is high.

    技術參數 //
    型號 MODEL CSB-800-2
    最大封切寬度 Max.Cutting Width Double unwinding:A=350mm(13.78“);B=350mm(13.78”)
    最大封切長度 Max.Cutting Length 1500mm(59.05”)
    制袋速度 Speed 60m/min
    薄膜厚度 Film Thickness 0.01-0.25mm
    整機功率 Total Power ≈6.3KW
    外形尺寸 Size 3×1.38×1.38m(118“×54“×54“)
    整機重量 Weight 800KG
    Note: The above parameters are for reference only, if there are any changes without prior notice.
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